Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trendy Tuesday v2

I have decided to start a new feature here at Building Bumps,
inspired by this cheap and cheerful post
and all of the super cool clothes that the little has.

Welcome to trendy tuesday!
Where high fashion meets four-month-old...

etch-a-sketch onsie - rabbit skins
jeans - baby gap 

greenfield track team onsie - joe fresh
stretchy jeans - please mum

striped rugby shirt - joe fresh
jeans - baby gap

I've decided he's pretty much the coolest kid in Canada,
but am still confused as to why this guy has a better wardrobe than I do (: p)


Mom said...

He has the " I'm cool " model expressions down cold ! Talented child.

Gillian said...

He has so many pics taken of him, he's bound to be a pro by now!

Joe Fresh said...

So cute! Your photos came up in our media tracking and we love seeing your son dressed in Joe Fresh! If you're up for it we'd love if you would submit your photo to JoeFresh.Tumblr.com to show off how he wears Joe Fresh!

- Joe Fresh team