Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Day That Got Away

Yesterday, I tried to be here, I really really tried.
Ever have one of those days that just slips between your fingers,
next thing you know it's just gone?
Yeah well, there's a lot of those days around here.

It started off with the wonderful ladies and babies at playgroup,
where many tiny voices competed with the many female voices in the room to be heard.
I'm not sure if any of those ladies read this thing,
but if they do I would like to send out a big thank you,
we have so much fun!

Next came the grocery store.
Fortunately the little was wiped from staring intently at his peers,
so slept through the whole thing.
I am thankful for tiny miracles on a daily basis.

By the time we got home, got the groceries away, 
had tummy time story time naked time bouncy time toy time
 and all of our other wonderful 'times',
it was just GONE. 
My head is still spinning.....

The good news however is that it's a brand new day.
The bad news is it's raining/snowing/blowing.
The other good news is that we are all tucked safe and warm inside,
 and together for another wonderful day of 'times'.

Roll on good times, roll on.....

These are some fabulous outside times we had last week : }
Dear sun, please come out to play....

And a shout out to anyone who stumbles over here from the UBP!
Hope you come back for a visit soon!


Kayla Sue said...

Hi Gillian! I'm a new reader... I just love the title of your blog and that sweet baby :) I'm excited to follow along!

auntie su said...

aww i'm sure hanna dog was having a blast! jakie looks like he is too! sending my love from bangkok!