Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Months

Dear Emmitt,

it never ceases to amaze me, how quickly babies grow and change and grow some more;
how different you are from just a few short weeks ago!

you are rounding out and fattening up, and all that dark hair you showed up with a few short months ago is disappearing,
being replaced by that beautiful blond Covey boy hair that your brother has made so famous.
your cheeks are full and tremendously kissable, as are your knees and toes,
your tummy, fingers and nose....

your smiles are bigger, giggles last longer and squeals are much louder these days,
and you interact so much more with the world around you.
you love lying on the bed while your brother bounces up and down around you,
and though i'm scared he's going to land on you, when it does happen it's not like it's going to be the last time anyways...
so bounce away jake, just watch out for your little brother okay? always?

some days we have it all figured out, you and i and jakey.
then there's those days, the other days, when the figurative shit hits the fan, the real shit hits everything,
and everybody (including myself) cries at the same time.

but then you smile your oh-so-sweet smile, your brother returns once again to his sublimely snuggly self,
and i fall in love all over again....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Little Boys, and Motherhood...

yes it's silly. it's a crappy grainy iphone picture. but it might be one of my 
favourite. photos. ever. 
of all time.
because this is what life looks like around here, every morning. 

i love that there is a two year old draped around my neck. i love that he is happy. 
it's there, in his face.

i love this intimacy that is motherhood; the constant state of attending to little bodies. 
the way they smell after a bath, those flushed after-nap cheeks. 
how i can smooth stray locks of hair, pick them up and smother them with kisses whenever i want, 
give nose rubs or tickle tiny tummies... 
at any given moment i am usually in direct contact with a little body. 
a little boy.

sure, sometimes it doesn't always smell great around here. 
sometimes i wish i had less little boy time and more me time. 
and sometimes that little boy is more of a monkey on my back that i care to admit. 
but it's hilarious. 
it's pure and wild and fierce, this little boy love.

and if i don't take these crappy iphone pictures,
how quickly it will all fade.

so i take them,
and stash them away for later, when there are no more sticky fingers in my hair.
for when no one calls me mommy any more.
i take them to remind myself of this time, of these perfect little boys.

because it won't be like this for long....

Friday, April 12, 2013

He Said She Said v.2

The insanity continues...

Me: "Hey do you want to go outside or what?"
Jake: "What."

After Jake lets out a bunch of farts:
Me: "Was that you farting?"
Jake: "Maybe a little bit mommy, a little tiny bit."

Dr. Nails still hung up on the unicorn thing:  
"I can't believe people don't believe there were unicorns, what the hell do they think a narwhale is?!
Yeah, there's giant fish with a horn but it's impossible for horses to have them? Come on!"

Jake after soaking his pants, socks and even filling his rain boots with pee:
"I pee outside like Hannah!!"

We were on our way home speeding along at about 80kph
Dr. Nails while driving, both hands on the wheel and wearing sunglasses: "Look at that!"
Me frantically looking left then right then back again: "Where? What?"
Dr: "Man you're bad at that, you should practise."

J: "I need wash my hands"
Me: "Why?"
J: "I hab pee on dem."
of course. why else?

After a day of botched conversations between myself and the dear Dr:
Dr Nails: "communication between us it at an all-time low."
In order to avoid any more confusion I simply nodded my agreement.
Unfortunately he wasn't looking at me....

But hey, here's looking at you : )

Disclaimer:  All conversations were in jest, no feelings were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Now and Then v.2

Emmitt, April 4th 2013 

Jake March 5th 2011

I was a little bit late on this one, and mr. Emmitt fills out the bumbo a little more... but it's pretty close.
Some days i see a resemblance in them, but most days they simply look like themselves.
Do you guys see similarities?
Once again you can certianly see which one of these guys has the attitude!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Photo of the Week

Week #52

Two whole years of weekly photos!
I LOVE looking back at these pictures and seeing how much they grow : )
See Jakie's whole second year HERE, and the first year HERE.

Week #19

Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Egg-celent Easter Hunt

Due to technical difficulties this post is a little late....
fortunately the Easter bunny made it on time :)