Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo of the Week & 20 Months

Bad, bad blogger.  
I am so behind in posting that in desperation i am (ahem) treating you to a 'combination post'.
Like a yummy combination plate at a good Chinese Restaurant, 
combination posts are tasty, full of variety and good value!
(and yeah, that's just what i'm telling you to appease my guilty, guilty conscience)

Week #22

20 Months

It suddenly seems like the big two isn't so very far away all of a sudden, 
which sounds far too big and way too old for my little baby boy.

Your words are coming fast and furious, and being strung together in twos.
There are real words and there are words that only you and i know,
and then there are some a bunch that i have absolutely no idea what you are going on about.
As you get older i doubt this will change.

Sometimes there is eating, more often there is not,
and i occasionally wonder if (and how) you are living on the air you breathe alone.
But you never. stop. moving.
I remember saying months ago how exhausting it was just to watch you.
Yeah well, that was just the warm ups.

You climb things and move things in order to climb things.
You are endlessly fascinated with your dinkies, driving them along walls, furniture, 
and even occasionally the awesome hot wheels tracks we have provided you with for just such purpose.
You like to crawl around with sticks in your mouth pretending to be the dog.
Ps - i don't think she appreciates it when you drink from her dish.

Today you flipped headfirst over the fence in the backyard.
Yesterday you locked yourself in the van, along with my keys, purse and cell phone.
You are covered in bruises, scrapes, and dirt on a regular basis,
and there's usually something sticky in your hair.

I am surprised that i am surprised by this.
You are, after all, a boy.
A much too big and far too old little baby boy.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

23 Week Bump!

Having a conversation with Dr. Nails about being 5 months(!):
"Holy eff, we're really pregnant now!"
: )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bits and Bops

I know we have been home for a week two weeks(!) already, but i have been barely able to catch my breath,
much less take photos, edit them, write some witty story, and create a blog post.
My apologies, but fyi? it's summer and life happens outside!
Having said that, i did finally get around to a few more pics from our vacay...

Playground buddies

Stampede pancake breakfast - at least one of us is enjoy this.
(ironically it's me, normally when i say that one of us is enjoying themselves, it's invariably him.)

New toys for daddy jakie

My sweet itty bitty niece lovelovelove!

Buddah belly buddies - it was agreed upon, by me anyways, that i win.
That pose really gave me a run for my money though.

 Quite possibly one of my favs - best place ever, best little friend ever : )

There were oh so many more, (don't worry mom i won't post the one of you at the parade wearing that funny hat)
but there is some sweet sweet ice cream calling my name.
And I think it is agreed upon, by every pregnant lady out there, that ice cream wins. every. single. time.

The end

Friday, July 20, 2012

22 Week Bump

Who stole all of the hours in my days?
Between working, shooting a wedding, editing over 1200 photos(!), preparing for another craft fair, catching up with friends, 
afternoon napping, (oh wait, was there napping? um, no. wishful thinking)
and just generally keeping up appearances, there aren't even enough minutes in the day!
I will try to be here more often next week, promise!

Happy Friday my friends : )

Ps - It's another inspirational and awe inspiring Pins & Needles Event
@ Peggy's Cove, Saturday July 28th!!!
Be there : )

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Good Intentions Go Bad



When we saw the barber outside his shop chuffing on a cigarette and texting, we should have hmmmm'd.
When we walked in to the shop and saw the remnants of his last client still all over the floor, we should have heard clanging.
When he didn't take debit or credit but said he'd do it for free, we should have got the hell outta there.

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

21 Week Bump!

I have to admit that this shot doesn't do the bump justice, but that look on his face is priceless!
(pssst.... anyone notice my sidekick's new 'do?! )

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Child in the City

We have made it home in one piece, and after a surprisingly successful plane ride, with our sanity intact!
Flying with a toddler is no walk in the park let me tell you.
(major props to the lady behind us who was travelling by herself with 4 kids, 
all who looked under the age of 5; that poor poor woman...)

Anywho, Calgary has some awesome splash pools, and with a hot hot prairie summer in full swing
we set out to cool off and have some fun.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

20 Week Bump

This being on vacation business is hard work : )
I promise things will get somewhat back to normal next week when we get home,
but for the rest of the weekend i am going to soak up Calgary, the Stampede, and my family!

We are half way there!
The baby is the length of a banana now, not sure what size banana though...chiquita anyone?
And I had to cringe? laugh? (though i did think briefly about crying)
when my mom said "so, twice as big as that then!"
whoa mama : )