Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It know it's bad but I just can't help myself....

Fudgy Chocolate Cookies!

I am a Chocoholic.
There, I've said it, it's finally out.
I (heart) Chocolate.  Every day, all day.
So much that I feel the need to capitalize the C.

Especially these Cocoa Fudge Cookies from, brace yourself here, 
Cooking Light Magazine of all places.
Can you even begin to imagine the joy I felt when I found this recipe. 
I have to remind myself that just because they are 'light' 
doesn't mean I can eat the whole batch, besides, I was taught to share....

They are all the things I am looking for in a cookie:
Tall, dark, and handsome; chewy, tasty and downright Chocolaty.
Kinda the way I like my, man I mean.

The only problem I have encountered with these little mounds of deliciousness is that
the batter tastes so freakin' good, not very many cookies actually get made!
Try them, you'll see... I would never lead you astray :p

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Jordan said...

I wish you could send things through the internet so you could send me a cookie or five. They look so yummy!

Sarah said...

That looks DELICIOUS - I already bookmarked it! My roommates and I are always looking for new recipes and we all agree that THIS is going to be the next thing we make for a dessert next week! Thanks so much for sharing!