Thursday, April 21, 2011

Letters for my Lovelies

I have a confession to make.
I am taking advantage of you guys.
 I am using you to write love letters to my family and to my furniture.

I hope you don't mind, because I plan on continuing to do so. 
It's my way of telling them how I feel, and preserving these little notes for future reference.
Oh, and so when I do bad things I can totally use these as leverage.
{ Everyone needs a get out of jail free card ; }
Now, if only my furniture could read, it would know how much it meant to me.

Here's another one:

Dear Dr. Nails,

you work so hard all day long at your job,
and then you come home and work so hard on our house.
I wish you didn't have to work so hard at all,
but I am glad that you do.

Thank you for making us a beautiful home.

Love, Me.

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Deanna said...

oh my goodness! i love your house. it's so cute! :)

Gillian said...

Thanks, Dr. Nails has worked SOOO hard on it. He rocks!