Sunday, July 28, 2013

8 Months

Dear Emmitt,

these days go by so fast, a blur of little boy, laundry, and laughter.
your little personality is starting to show, giving us a glimpse into the boy you are growing to be.
a noisy, dirty, loveable boy. 

this month signified a real change; from stillness to motion, quiet to loud, calm to whirlwind.
you are up the stairs and hanging off the furniture, climbing cruising and making messes,
often yelling and covered in food.

and as always, you are joy and light; 
smiles, giggles, chubby legs, drooley chin and all...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

He Said She Said v.3

Dr. Nails was watching the boys one day and sent me the following texts:
"where are e's clothes???"
followed by: "all i can find for him is a pair of dirty jeans and a tight white t-shirt.
Throw some cologne on him and he's ready for the liquor dome."

Jake was looking at a grocery store flyer:
"apple juice is on sale mommy."

Jake: "mommy, you exercising me mommy!"
Now, this is not funny so much for the words, but moreso for the circumstance:
picture pushups/planks/pelvic thrusts (yes, jane fonda style) with a 30lb toddler sitting astride.
Ahem. 'nuff said...

Dr.Nails:  "i still believe in unicorns, just not the rainbow mane part."

"i like eating ketchup"
"hey guys, it's wednesday" (it was)
and "are we at the mall mommy?" (when we were very obviously at home.)

Then there's also the stuff that sugars up my day:
"do you want some water daddy?"
"i kiss you better mommy"
and "hey baby, you lookin' fine..."

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Two little boys in the tub :)

 There are these moments that are waiting along the poop-stained path of parenthood
 that make all the dirty diapers, week old sippy cup finds, and leg flailing temper tantrums worthwhile.

This is one of those.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beat the Heat

Summer is finally here!!

and it's going to be a big one.
mr. big is big enough to do a lot of things this year, so there will be a whole lot of doing going on. 
picnic things, beach things, water game things, fun summer food things, soccer things, 
adventures and ice cream and boats oh my!

Seeing as it has taken so long to get here, we're going to have to cram it all in,
but that's okay, it will all fit...

Wishing you sunny skies and low low low low humidity!
Enjoy your weekend my friends:)


ps - though i'm not here all that often these days, you can always catch me on INSTAGRAM !