Friday, April 22, 2011

Five For Friday

Another Friday!
Hope you all have plans for a nice Easter weekend!

Besides waiting on the Big Bunny we are going to:
 have a delicious Easter dinner at nanny b's,
welcome home some intrepid (and probably very weary) travellers,
make an attempt at self control and avoid the chocolate eggs,
make real eggs into delicious devilled ones,
and eat pie. with ice cream. yum.
( I know pie defeats the avoiding chocolate part -
but I'm just gunna pretend that they cancel each other out. )

Oh, and remember when I said we were going to be on the Joe Fresh site?
Well, we finally made it.  See us HERE! ( you might have to scroll down a teeny bit )

Okay, check out the stuff I'm diggin on today:

1. This Coffee bean owl that I have seen floating around the blogshpere everywhere 

( If anyone knows where it came from let me know so I can give cred where it's due! )

2. Cammo Pants
(once again I ask you: why does the Little have cooler clothes than me?)

3.  The "Gage Says" series over at Delirious Rhapsody, her kid says some seriously funny stuff.

4. Onsies with super cute sayings on them:
I'd like to be the person who got to think up those sayings
although I mightn't be very good at it....

5.  And the fact that I have taught the Little to stick out his tongue at me,
now he's doing it constantly!

Friday is also my favorite day out in the blogosphere.
There's a bunch of bloggers who do the most amazing friday favs lists.
check out their compilations:  here and here.
Webertainment at it's best!

Happy Friday! 

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Deanna said...

hey, thanks for the link up! i don't think i've ever been mentioned in one of these before. :)

Anonymous said...

yaaa we're home!