Friday, May 6, 2011

Five For Friday

Today I have bed on my brain.
 I almost even made this another 'Dear Bed' post.
Maybe it's because I don't spend near enough time in mine,
so I am living vicariously.

Either way I want to be in a beautiful bed right now:

I'll stay in any of these
(really, click this one; neat-o-ness awaits!)

Under the Apple Tree

Plant me Here

I could live Here

Any one of These please!

Pretty Pretty Pretty!  (and yes, I do know it's more than five, I just don't care)
Especially the outdoor ones, but that might be because it 
Spring sucks... I'm ready for summer already!

And of course I wouldn't send you off into the weekend without some eye candy....

Play safe and have fun!

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