Monday, May 9, 2011

What I Saw

- Beef. Tender. Loin.  Yessssss.
- The coolest spaces and places on Houzz - do you guys know about this!? Ah-mazing!
- The Little eating food. if you can call smearing it all over baby's face eating.
- Brownies! I don't care how they were made, they were yum.
- My request to join pinterest was accepted. another Yesssss!
(although I haven't figured out why you have to be invited and can't just sign up)
- Then I got to look at all the amazing stuff on pinterest, hours and hours...
- N came to pick up all the baby stuff they lent to us for their babe-to-be! So excited for them!
- Dr. Nails building a new change table, complete with a mouse-hole (more on that in a later post)
- The sale price of the new big boy car seat we bought, love love love a good bargain.
- Family. lots and lots of family : )
- Brunch and flowers for my first mothers day. loved it.
- My mom and dad on skype. and they got to see their grandson. living so far away stinks sometimes!
- The most beautiful sunset (which kinda makes up for living so far away)

( the view from our upstairs deck last night, sooooo pretty! )


aunt su! said...

yaaa! i love all of these things! hopefully pinterest will let me in the club soon.

Gillian said...

hahaha, what's up with that? i guess it's super exclusive. I love how you and hannah are silhouetted in that pic!

auntie su said...

i LOVEEE the pic. i get so excited when i pop up on the blog! like being on tv or something. hehe.