Monday, May 2, 2011

Springtime in the Sticks

May!  I love this month.
It's definitely spring, which is really almost summer.
It's birthdays and mothers day - ( my very first! : )
It's barbequed everything and salads and fires down on the shore;
weddings to photograph and watermelons to eat and that beautiful warm sunshine!
Thank God for spring, this winter sh#@ was starting to get me down...

It's the Little's first summer, and that's exciting too.
I can't wait to take him to the beach and watch him play in the sand.
Even being out in the yard is a new adventure this year, 
who knew grass could be so fascinating....
It's super cool to watch him discovering everything as he grows.

We did some discovering this weekend:
Baby cereal. yummy.

He friggin kills me, look at that face!

Surprisingly I think most of it actually got eaten,
once I scraped it off of his face that is.
And the adventure continues...

In other news...

We're Featured!

Deanna over at Delirious Rhapsody has an amazing feature every Monday,
called 'Meet New Bloggers Monday'
and today it's us!

She's one of my favorite bloggers to follow.
I already told you about her "Gage Says" posts a little while back,
and her daily posts on being a mom to two little boys are always entertaining!
Be sure to head on over there and show her some love!
Thanks Deanna.....

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auntie su said...

your feature on Delirious Rhapsody made me laugh out loud. noodles in a coffee pot, genius.

Anonymous said...

There goes the whole " eating local" thing !
Happy , happy May.

Gillian said...

Ahhahaha, took me a minute to get that, too funny whom ever you are! Lol