Friday, May 13, 2011

Five For Friday

Blogger seems to have crapped the bed earlier today,
and my last post about the mouse-hole seems to have been eaten by the blogger monster,
never to be seen again? ( insert words reserved for computer glitches HERE )
 I'll try to re-post it later today, but it may never be the same...

In the mean time, today's post has been trapped inside my mind all day, 
which i assure you is a very strange place to be, so here it is, finally.

Inspired by my hometown and home province of Calgary, Alberta;
My Five Favourites this Friday.... 

Stuff I Love (and miss) about Alberta!

Mountains Mountains everywhere!  Oh how i miss the Rockies...

....and snowboarding and definitely my favorite - apres ski!
( a beavertail and a bottle of beer please )

It's cool to wear cowboy hats.  
Well in my head it's ALWAYS cool to wear a cowboy hat,
but out west you actually see other people besides me wearing them.  and boots too.
and those really big belt buckles.  those really rock.

The Calgary Stampede. 
 Yes, it definitely is a requirement to wear a cowboy hat at the Stampede.
The entire city completely loses it's mind for 10 days straight. 
What more of an excuse do you need?

The endless prairies and monstrous skies that are so easy to get lost in.
I love how they stretch on forever and make me feel small.

This is my town, my province.

 It's beautiful and unique
And it will always be home to me..... i can't wait to visit!


Kayla Sue said...

Blogger CLAIMS we should have the posts back, but mine are missing too :(

And holy crap, I'd miss all those things too. Talk about some scenery!

MJ said...

found you through delirious glad too. calgary is my fave too...just a little biased, born & raised. nothing beats a view of the rockies!!!