Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jet Plane Jitters

We all know that sick feeling when we see the people with the screaming baby 
heading our way on a plane, when we hope to hell they don't sit anywhere in our vicinity.
 Well, this time I will be the one striking fear in the hearts of my fellow passengers.

Contrary to popular belief, Jake is not the perfect baby. 
Close, really really close, but not quite.

So the thought of taking him on an airplane to fly across the country is a wee bit scary.
Maybe not so much for me, but definitely for Dr. Nails, 
and of course for the poor sap that gets stuck sitting next to us.
I apologize in advance whomever you are.

Do any of you have advice for travelling with a baby?
Dr. Nails' strategy is putting in his earphones and turning the volume up.
So not fair!  Help!


da auntie said...

maybe let the babe stay up late the night before?!! he'll be sleepy for the plane.....or cranky. maybe don't take my advice.

Kayla Sue said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I've traveled with our little man four times by plane now, and it's not fun! Even if he starts to get fussy a little I feel bad for all those poor souls around us!

Unfortunately, I don't have much advice. I always try to book the flight around a nap schedule. Give tylenol before takeoff, and feed him during takeoff. Then I pray to God he falls asleep, (which he never does) so I spend most of the time acting completely stupid and silly trying to keep him quiet.

Good luck :)

Beth said...

Read this in the Metro today,
Take a look at #2......

I'm thinking a cute crying baby is much better than a snoring sweaty man sitting next to you. :)