Friday, July 8, 2011

Five For Friday

A few months ago I did a Friday post about my hometown and Province, Calgary, Alberta.
While it is definitely a place i miss and will always love, 
it isn't really my home anymore.

So I though i'd share my favorite things I love about my NEW home,
Nova Scotia:

Quaint little fishing villages;  i just love the colors of the buildings and the windswept feel.

(this is Peggy's Cove, without the lighthouse)

The wildlife.  Yeah yeah, there's loads of wildlife in Alberta too.
Here it just happens to be in my backyard.
Think eagles, seals, whales, porcupines, and of course, our dear 'deer' friends.
I always joke with Dr. Nails that it's like living in a National Geographic magazine, tough huh.

The most amazing sunsets i have ever seen, right on my doorstep.

The ocean.  
While it's no Rocky Mountain, i suppose it's an adequate substitute ; )
It's always changing, always on the move, and full of crazy animals? fish? creatures.

These guys.  
All of whom are true Nova Scotians, 
and they're all the reasons i need to call this windblown province my home.

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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aunt su said...

yaaa scotia!! that pic of jake is TOO MUCH!!