Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trendy Tuesday v11

Without further ado... The Hat edition, part 2!

 Lammle's Western Wear

 Osh Kosh

 H & M

Please Mum

I only got one shot of the last hat before i was told in no uncertain terms that
this photo shoot was OVER.
My patience sucks too kid, and i'd get pissed if someone kept putting crap on my head
and telling me to smile too. I told him not to worry about it.

There's even more, this kid's wardrobe and accessories are endless.
It's utterly ridiculous and totally rad at the same time.
I just wish he'd stop growing so he can wear some of it more than once,
and i'd like him to be small and cute and cuddly forever.
blarf. gag.
whatever.  he's awesome and i like him, so get over it.

Linking up with Paper Heart Camera for 'Hats"!
Tell:  This is the stuff i do to torture my child...


Grandma D said...

Need a bit of attitude to be a top model . Good job Jakey !

Gillian said...

No divas allowed!

Light Trigger said...

what cute photos!!!