Friday, July 29, 2011

Sh*% happens when you're not paying attention.

So yesterday i had a moment.
One of those holyshiticantbelieveit moments.
You know, when you aren't paying attention and all of a sudden something amazing has happened
and you almost missed the whole friggin thing. and of course there isn't a camera to be found
 I was hanging out with the Little bit upstairs
He was playing with his toys and i was sitting on the carpet next to him having an Artsy is NOT fartsy moment 
(more on that next week - it's been a while, i know...) 
So anyways, i was RIGHT next to him, but not really paying attention to him (boo, hiss)
I glance over at him and he was Standing UP.  
He looked over his shoulder at me with this smug look too, it was like he knew he was all that shit and a bag of chips.
And then.. my head fell off.....

(Un-related but kinda related photos)

So besides that, It's friday!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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