Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Awesome Sponsors!!

Today I'm super excited to introduce you to my amazing sponsors!
These gals are super talented, be sure to swing by their sites and show them some love!

Hi Building Bumps readers! I'm Deanna from delirious rhapsody. I'm a quirky stay at home mama of two amazing little boys, Gage, who turns four(!!) this month, and Owsley, who is seven months old. In my spare time (hah) I like to craft and bake (and blog!) I often blog about the random happenings in my life, with a humorous approach on things. I'm all about motherhood whipping you into shape, but not taking over who you were before you became a mama. I'm laid back, sarcastic, and full of spontaneity, and I hope you'll take a moment of your time to stop by and say hello.

Hey there I'm MJ and I'm super happy to be hanging out at Gillian's blog for July. 
 I'm a wife to my bestest friend and a momma to our little farf (creative nickname) aka Liam.  
Our little blog, Livin' the dream, is our little corner in the interweb world.  I
 love having a place where I can record our memories, milestones, challenges,
 and all the little pieces that make up our little life.  
Check us out and follow along as we live the dream.

And here's Faith:
Simplicity - my life in mostly photographs is a blog about the beauty in the day to day life of a mama of five, photographer and online photography teacher.  It's a blog with tips about taking better photos with the camera you have, upgrading to a better camera and learning how to use it once you have it.

I'm Tracey Lynne.
A girly girl Mom of 4 boys on the hunt for those “
perfectly portioned doses of fabulous
(A.K.A. Hidden Cupcakes)
And I am SUPER excited to team up with Gillian!
So...about me:
I spend my days: Playing Superhero, Staging impromptu photo shoots, Singing in place of talking (yes, as though my life were a musical), and indulging my creative side through my Etsy SHOP! On EXTRA special nights...I go on dates with my hubs. (those nights aren't often enough with 4 boys needing a sitter)
Normal nights, we "date in". I like normal nights too.
It’s not the most glamorous life. But it’s mine and I wouldn’t change a thing!
Granted, It’s not easy getting my “girly” on in the boy filled world I live in.
But…I like a Challenge! You should come see what I found at 
Hidden Cupcakes!
Join the Hunt!

And last but not least, Jamie from Easily Dunn!
A ballerina, magician's assistant, black belt, and former model finds true love. A sweet little baby falls from the stars. A tale of gypsies, dinosaurs, and high seas adventure. A chronicle of everything we love, everything we do, everywhere we go, and all the days we felt alive.
Check out her etsy shop too - Shelby Black Vintage 

Thanks again to all my sponsors!


In unrelated news:  the results from my recent poll are in!
For the most part it looks like you DON'T think my sweet little bit will be 
emotionally scarred for life as a result of my blogging addiction.
Thank you for voting!  I feel much better about our future relationship : )
In my own defence - he's so freakin' cute i can't help myself.


renee kristine said...

whoa, did i totally miss this?! whoops

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

haha....renee misses all the deadlines. i just make up stuff for her. :-P