Monday, July 25, 2011


The Little Bit is 8 months old today.

 He has come so far and learned so much already!

Just last night i watched him pull himself up in his crib to grin up at me over the rails.
( note to self - lower crib mattress )
He is eating everything i've thrown at him, sometimes sleeping through the night,
and growing out of all his clothes again - thank god for thrift stores!
He loves his toys, and will sit by himself and play long enough for me to actually accomplish things, 
can i get a hallelujah?!
(k, did you guys know that there's a 'j' in hallelujah?  
it took me like, 23 tries to get spellchecker to tell me how to spell it.)

I am astounded when i think that he still has spent more time on the inside than out.
Sounds like he did some hard time in prison when you put it like that hey ; )
But with those overalls on i wouldn't doubt it - it's his hillbilly-working-on-my-moonshine look.

So things are gunna get crazy around here soon, still waiting for the crawling and walking to happen.
No rush little dude, no rush...

                                                                                                                     Show off your shot! 

Stay Small!!!!

and then, she {snapped}


Courtney said...

he makes the best faces, so expressive! what a cute little guy :)

Our family said...

Try not to blink because before you know it he'll be getting his driver license ... I'm not sure ow it happens so fast.

Love the way his eyes seems to sparkle!