Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Friday

Oh Hannada?

It's the Hannah Dog's birthday! 
She's the big six this year, which is 42 in doggie years.
( i sadly report that i had to use a calculator for that, oh wow )

Bawhahah! she kills me...

But it's also Canada Day, the sun is shining, Dr. Nails is home, the baby's smiling.  
Life's good and sweet like strawberries and cream.
So today I found you some awesome things to do on Canada Day, 
and i'm happy to inform you that none of them have anything to do with the Royal Family, ugh...

Take a minute and go HERE to read some of the funniest (and truest) Canadianisms:

or maple anything for that matter, that stuff is the bomb!!
Put it on everything and i guarantee you will be a happier person for it...

Make an easy banner from cardstock and newspaper:

How about some Strawberry Ninjas? They're red and white...

Put candles in jars: so easy, so pretty. These will be at my party for sure:

Watch fireworks

Make Nanaimo Bars (super Canadian, super yum):

Laugh your ass off:

Go to the beach:

Make super easy red and white desserts:

And above all don't loose your sense of humour!

Canada Rocks so hard : )
Happy Long Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hannah - you don't look a day older than 29 ! Imade red and white cup cakes -yum.

Gillian said...

Sounds yummy! Send some to us!