Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trendy Tuesday v7

We are finally home from our vacation out west,
and i assure you i have soooo many pictures and adventures to share with you,
as well as an amazing guest post that was supposed to air last week
that my shoddy computer skills screwed up.

For now though, i bring you another Trendy Tuesday
our first summer edition!

Top:  Oshkosh
Shorts:  Carters

Wifebeater ahem, muscle shirt:  H&M
Overalls:  Oshkosh

So on to my least favorite thing about vacations:
I'm off to unpack : ( 

Have a trendy day!


Grandma D said...

Sporting the new teeth too-nice -smile Jake !

Gillian said...

I don't think he thinks they're that great, they hurt!

aunt su said...

those shorts!!! too adorable!