Friday, June 24, 2011

Five For Friday

Cue Julie Andrews, 
I've had that 'favorite things' song in my head all flipping day...

Well, around here you might not find raindrops, roses, or kittens,
but pretty much at any given moment you will find the Little in various stages of play.
"Any given moment?" you might question my phrasing, but i would not lie to you dear friends.
This kid rarely. ever. stops. 
And somedays (like today) naptime cannot come soon enough.
But at last, it is finally here.
oh happy times....

So without further ado: These are just a few of the Little bit's favorite things:

Bathtime is total happytime

Tuck the Truck is his fav peek-abo friend

playing? eating? you decide.  whatever it is he really likes it.

'Moosh' his snuggy monkey banket

And his absolute fav - hanging out with his mom

Oh the fun we have!

And just 'cause it's friday, my favorite shot of the sunset over the bay last night:

(courtesy of Dr. Nails)

Happy Friday!

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