Monday, June 27, 2011

Button Up

As my little blog approaches it's one year anniversary,
I am astounded with how much it's grown, and how much i have grown along with it.
From our humble roots with only a few friends and family reading along to share 
our journey of building a huge addition to make room for our littlest addition,
to the hundred or so(!) of you who come here on a daily basis to watch our rockin' little family grow,
we have certainly come a long way!

So what started out as a small personal venture into the wonderful blogosphere
has turned into something that i could have never predicted.
I only really went public in February 2011, once i got a handle on this whole mommying business.
Since then we have watched as each month more and more of you showed up to witness our adventures,
and are totally stoked that all of you are here!

Seeing as we are experiencing such a rise in readership (over 2300 views already this month!), 
I decided for the rest of the summer to try to do a FREE sponsor swap!
 I'll display your button for your blog, etsy shop, or whatever site you wish to promote
and you display my button on your sidebar!
I will also do a feature post of all my sponsors mid month, to get you lots of exposure
and show my readers what you're all about.
Nothing too fancy, let's just try to get out there some more!

Yup, totally free.  July and August.
That's just how i roll.

So contact me if you are interested, and we'll get things lined up for July. 
Oh, and I'm only offering a limited amount of spots, so hurry up!

Rock on my dear readers, rock on.

I'll be back later today!

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