Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh those Swedes....

There is a wonderful wonderful place where the furniture comes
in a box and the lamps are cheap.
A place where 587 square feet can be a perfectly cosy 2 bedroom home.
A place where functionality meets style for cocktails.
A place where dreams come true...

(cue uplifting arias, birdsongs and exclamation points)

( i {heart} storage. for real. i wish i was joking )

( light up my life...)

( the best freaking hooks i have ever found! )

(wall decals turned art in frames-neato)

Dr. Nails is certainly thankful we don't have one within a thousand mile radius;
Sigh, our house would be beautiful but his wallet would be empty...
To those of you who have an ikea in your town:
you. are. so. lucky.
and i am so insanely jealous....


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Tezzie said...

I know I'm a little late discovering your post ;) Just had to agree with loving Ikea...and those cute doggy bum hooks. I've got the black one, used to hang our dog's leash and towels.