Monday, June 27, 2011

Let it Grow

Dear summer,

now that you are officially here we can finally break out our summer to-do list:
bbq, drink lemonade, roast marshmallows, watch satellites, blow bubbles, go camping, wakeboard, watch for whales, beach it, eat outside, string lanterns, swat bugs, swim, go on road trips, lay in the grass, sniff flowers, wear flip flops and shorts and tanks, drive with the windows down, breathe deep, feel free, tan, spit watermelon seeds, watch sunsets, go island hopping, smell like coconuts, shell hunt, dip toes in the ocean, eat ice cream, visit friends, have bonfires, play washers, spend all day outside, 
garden, shoot fireworks, walk further, play harder, sleep better, dream bigger,
and watch things grow.....

Please tell your friend Spring that it sucked and it can take its rain and shove it.
Oh wait, Jake's already called....

( Can you believe this kid is seven months old already? )

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