Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Crunchy

This might be a different type of post for me,
but it's something that was so freaking good I have decided to share it with you.
Seriously, consider yourself blessed.

Yes you read that right, Granola.
I was out and blogging about when I came across this recipe
for Peanut Butter Granola here from Summer Harms.
( She has lots of other delicious looking stuff too, have a wander )

I saw it and a strange thing happened to me; I simply HAD to have some...

Come on!  Who MAKES granola?
I do damn it, and I am terribly disappointed that I didn't make it sooner...
because it was GONE long before my brain had a chance to catch up to my stomach :0

You should try it to...


Beth said...

Where was I when this was made?
Looks delish!!

Gillian@BuildingBumps said...

It was soooo good I'm afraid to make it again, it disappeared way to fast!