Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artsy is NOT Fartsy v1

This instalment of art on our walls comes to us courtesy of Dr. Nails himself.
Well, he was the one who performed the actual construction,
whilst I stuck to my old position of on-site supervisor.
What can I say, it's a good job...

I like to think the idea came from somewhere within the vast genius that is my head,
 but I'm pretty sure it was undoubtably via some design show or another on HGTV
( of which, by the way, I am thoroughly addicted to.)
So thanks go out to whichever good looking designer graced my living room that day
and planted the seed for this in my head.

It was really quite simple:
I kindly begged asked the lovely and talented Dr. Nails to build frames out of scrap wood he had,
and bam!  Just moments later he arose from Manland bearing three!
Once again his talent takes my breath away.

A few rounds of the staple gun on the fabric I had cut out to size
and voila!  Cheap and cheerful it is!

 I give you full permission to steal this idea too : )

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