Friday, March 25, 2011

Anticipation is My Friend

Some of the things I can't wait to do with Jake:
( in no particular order... )

1.  Rake a pile of leaves for him to jump into

2.  Science projects

3.  Disneyland!

4.  Take him to a foreign country to learn about the culture

5.  Puddle jumping
(even knowing that there will be much laundry)

6.  Take him horseback riding

7.   Paper mache

8.  Bedtime stories

9.  Bake cookies
(although I will be sad to relinquish the licking of the beaters)

10.  Halloween

11.  Listen to him sing the same song over and over and over....

12.  Teach him whatever he wants to learn

I could probably go on and on,
but you might get bored ; }

They grow up oh so fast....

To be continued?

1 comment:

auntie suzanne said...

ooooo give those beautiful cheeks a kiss for me! i hope i can tag along on some of these adventures! espically the one to a foreign country! missin you guys!