Monday, March 28, 2011

A Big Day

We've had a few big days around here in the last year:

Remember when we raised the roof on this here l'il shack we love to call home?
or the day the wall came down, now that was a big one!
And obviously the BIGGEST day of them all:

Well we recently had another big day:

A four month birthday and a one year anniversary!
It was a year ago on the 25th that we found out we were going to be somebody's parents,
exactly 8 months later he was here, and now he's already four months old!

Hard to believe that in so little time our lives have changed so much....

It has been the most exciting and joyous year I have ever known,
and I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring!

1 comment:

suzanne said...

love these pictures! the handsomest little dude there is! love you guys, xoxo