Monday, March 26, 2012


Sixteen Months!

Boy oh boy!

You are the outdoorsy type splashing happily through the mud puddles and roaming the yard.
You are a reader and lover of books always trying to climb into a lap with a book in hand.
You are a dancing machine with a side step that will knock 'em dead and a foot stop that is right on cue.
You are a lie-on-the-floor-till-daddy-comes-because-mommy-is-a-horrible-person screamer.
You have many many things to learn and concepts like sharing to grasp, but you'll be alright.
You have nine little teeth in your sweet little mouth.
Your favorite things are milk and your whinney the pooh snuggie.
You love car-cars and are happiest standing behind the wheel of Grampy's truck.
You are an observer more often than a participant with the other kids, except the ones that you know.
And though this may jinx it, you are finally sleeping through the night. hallelujah! 

You are joy and noise and a flurry of constant motion and i'm so happy that you're mine all mine!
Now stop growing already!!!!

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Beth said...

I'm with you Gill, he needs to stop growing. Where did our little baby go?