Monday, March 12, 2012

Give a Dog a Bone

Fortunately the Little and the Hannah Dog have been getting along these days, but it's not always the case.
I remember when the Little started walking, it was really hard on Hannah; this little person was all up in her face, in her space,
and even in her water dish!  Before she got used to the idea, she was definitely a little bit upset about the whole thing.
 So I can't help but worry sometimes, at the end of the day she is an animal...
and considering that she is roughly three times his size, can you really blame me?

However, we lucked into a free seminar this weekend about toddlers and dogs at our little library,
hosted by the highly recommended Tamara of Unleashed Pawsibilities.
We definitely learned a lot, and it's sometimes always good to have some sense scared into you too: )

Did you know that when a dog's upset it's body temp rises and it's mouth gets dry so it starts licking it's lips?
Or that they sort of purse their lips?  Or lay their ears back, pulling back the skin on their head, revealing the whites of the eyes?
Or that dogs don't actually like hugs?  WHAT?!?!  This of course does not apply to our dear Hannah Dog,
as she LOVES all my hugs and kisses and cuddles, right?

Anyways, i learned that i am NOT the amazing dog / baby coordinator that i thought i was,
but rather fail quite miserably at the whole supervision thing, and need to clean up my act.
   Despite all of my jokes, we really do take this seriously, and hope and pray that everyone behaves themselves.
It certainly is a very real issue, with very real (and scary!) consequences.
Does anyone else have difficulty with their kids and pets?

Judging by these photos, as long as Jake keeps playing with her and feeding her they seem to get along just fine!

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Renee said...

Oh wow! What a worry for you! I never considered that as i'v been pestering Hubby for a dog! I hope everyone keeps behaving!!