Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trendy Tuesday v.17

So, I know i promised you Trendy Tuesday 2 weeks ago.
Truth is - i totally flipping forgot it was Tuesday.  Yup, that's all i've got.  I forgot.  I almost forgot again today.
See, when you stay at home, things like days of the week just aren't all that important.
And I'm okay with that.  I have only you to impress, and i just know that you are always super dazzled
when you visit us here, regardless. 

Alright. Prepare yourselves to be impressed....

I give you the Hoodie Edition, Part 2:

 Camo Hoodie - George

Football Hoodie - Carters

 Dino Hoodie -  George

Amazed?  Thought so.  I am amazed that he has his thumb in his mouth in every. single. shot.
Good thing he's so darn cute : )


1 comment:

Chandra said...

Somebody loves his thumb! :D