Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Island in the Sun

Remember how our house used to be itty-bitty?
Well, while the rest of the house has expanded exponentially, the kitchen has remained the same.
Small that is.  Tiny.  Teeny-weeny.  
See that little spot next to the microwave in the corner?  That's all the counter space i had. 
That's ALL.  Until our favorite carpenter came to the rescue.
(ahem, when he finally got fed up with trying to make lunch while i was trying to make lunch too ; )


He spent a sunday whipping this island up for us.  Yup, just a day.  My oh my.
Eventually the back part will be very useful for storage.
Right now the bins are full of someone's toys, someone who likes to be underfoot play with them while I'm trying to cook supper, but at least I know where everyone is : )

In my head i have dubbed it the command center, or maybe headquarters, i guess i haven't decided.
But i can see the rest of the house and keep a watchful eye on those who need to be watched. 
(um, everyone?)  The best part?
 it's on wheels, so whenever the mood to dance strikes, it's no problem : )


MJ said...

i love your child proofing...a spatula is genius! we have resorted to bag clips and elastic bands. oh and the island looks great too ;)

Christina Klas said...

Oh I love it! And I love that it's on wheels... It also makes me wish our kitchen was even big enough for an island! oi.