Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo of the Week

Week #52

That's an entire year's worth!  

I chose this photo because he looks like more of a baby and less like the little boy that he now is,
they truly do grow up so fast!  What an amazing thing to look through these weekly photos,
and to watch this little person happen right before our very eyes.

Oh how i LOVE having all of these photos!
My only regret is that i didn't start directly after he was born, so there's a few weeks missing.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this project as much as i did, can't wait to start all over again next week!
( And Oh how i LOVE this little boy : )

You can see the whole series HERE.


Ro said...


Gillian said...

Thanks Rowie! I love your comments, glad you guys are home!!!!

Adrienne said...

Visiting from 'show off your shot' and I (of course!) had to look at the series of shots! What a precious, precious group of photos. My two are 24 and 22 and I can tell you that you will ALWAYS love having these! He's a keeper!

Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

Look at those eyes!!!!! Breath-taking!!

Sue said...

I only wish I had taken as many photos of my kids when they were little. i wasn't very good about it at all.


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I regret not having the photo bug like I do now when my girls were itsy bitsy. Such a great shot.