Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Eleven Months.

That's almost a year. Whoa.
I remember bringing you home in your little brown bear suit like it was yesterday.

You are still SO cute.  It totally astounds me.  However, I may be biased ; )

You took you first steps!
It happened on saturday in the kitchen.  
I cheered and you smiled your little smile, like it was no big,
just another day around the bay...

You are so much fun these days, it's outrageous.
I tickle you and you giggle, I laugh and you laugh too.
We spend our days playing and cracking up.
I love it.

Your smile can still take my breath away.
You give the girls your sweet slobbery kisses, but not so much the guys.
Seem's you are already a man's man.

You finally got more teeth! 
142 days after your two bottom teeth showed up, your third made it's debut,
shortly followed by your fourth.  And i think the fifth is there too, but you won't let me look.
Even though you don't have much in the teeth department your favourite food is steak,
must be the Albertan in you : )

Your dad and i always talk about waking you up at night because we miss you.
( not that we ever would, but still )
 We watch our videos and photos of you on the tv instead.
Like, all the time.  You're that cute.  Or maybe we're that weird.
Probably both.

Every day that passes makes you one day less a baby.
you wake each nap older, and every breath brings you closer to a little boy.
And while i cannot wait to meet the boy you'll be,
I so do love the baby that you are.

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Jodi said...

aww such a cute smile!