Friday, October 14, 2011

Afternoons with Jake

The Little and i spend a lot of time together, and we have a ton of fun lately.
He's at the point where he can play back, if that makes any sense,
and we have been known to collapse into fits of hysteria on the living room floor.
These giggles are usually inspired by the simplest of things, 
like him poking me in the eye (hilarious) or me trying to catch the offending finger before it does any
 permanent damage to my retina, or at the very least destroy my carefully applied mascara.
This is funny every single time. for him.
The sound of his laughter is what does me in, and i have to laugh back : }

we laugh we play we love all day


Kelly-Marie said...

Cute ... Cute ... Absolute Cuteness lol

Jodi said...

Love that grin.. Just absolute adorable-ness! :D

Hannah said...

All of your photos just make me smile! So simple but so full of emotion!!