Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Costco Gods Have Spoken

For some reason every time i go to costco i am inexplicably drawn into the produce fridge.
It's like a black hole or a tractor beam or some star-trekkie thing like that,
and i simply can't escape it's magnetic pull, even though i know it may compromise my mission.
( i spent a lot of time watching captain kirk's shenanigans in my youth, thanks dad : )
and every. single. time.  i buy these monstrous bags of fresh produce.

I simply cannot help myself. 
I am terribly cheap ( thanks again dad ) and i cannot walk away from a deal.
5 heads of romaine lettuce for 4 bucks? sold!
3 pints of raspberries for $5? done! 

 After a costco run we eat mushrooms every day for a week
and my mouth burns as i attempt to eat an entire pineapple by myself before it goes bad.
Lawrdy lawrdy please make it stop!
I am slowly discovering a solution however, one ingredient at a time.

So the next time costco gives you zucchini....

...make zucchini muffins!

{ recipe here }

My father would be so proud ( hi dad! )
Now if only i could figure out what to do with that jumbo-sized container of spinach : )


Jodi said...

Love it!!

We have sams club here and i love going to that produce fridge!! ;D

Alida said...

LOL! I would love to have a Costco or a Sams nearby. Somedays, I really miss living in the US.

Chandra said...

The downfall of the big discount run out of ideas/recipes to use up all the stuff. But it's fun trying and who can refuse a deal?!? Good luck with the spinach!

MJ said...

ha ha. me too! we call costco the hundred dollar store. you can't make it outta' there without spending at least a hundred dollars. enjoy your spinach!

auntie su said...

we have the most massive zucs in the garden, i was looking for a recipe! thanks!