Thursday, October 6, 2011

Artsy is NOT fartsy v5

So it's been a while since i've done one of these,
and i am thoroughly amazed with how little i get done in the course of a day.
Who knew that having a year off would be so much work?
Fortunately he is totally my kind of work,
and i don't mind at all.

So, though i tend to get very little done, i do seem to have about eight different projects on the go.
Getting to them is the hard part, so they are all kind of haphazardly lying around my desk
in various stages of completion.  I call it my creative work flow.
I'm guessing Dr. Nails calls it something else...

I think they call this much ado about nothing, on with it already!
A new mobile for above the Little's changing table.

For all of you wondering what its made out of, ( please don't send me back to the third grade )
it's made out of toilet paper rolls cut into strips. Yup. Toilet Paper Rolls.
Whatevs, Jake thinks it's cool.

It's spawned a whole new facial expression, as blowing on it makes it twirl:

monkey see, monkey do....


Kelly-Marie said...

Wow they are so fab !

Jodi said...

those are cute!

Love the reaction face :)