Monday, September 12, 2011

What have i become?!

I have become one of those people. 
You know, the ones who laud the new mother in the grocery store with advice,
inundating the poor woman with phrases like "it goes by so fast" or "enjoy them when they're that small"
or even "soon he'll be asking for the car keys".  
blarf.  whatever, i totally did it.
 i bet you have too...

I remember all too well hearing all of those things and more and smiling,
pretending that oh yes, i knew all about how quickly time passes and how i'll miss these days.
The reality is that i had no idea how fast the clock would spin,
or how fleeting these moments really are.

So I have tried my best to live in these moments, capture all the milestones, 
and record as much as humanly possible of my little persons' life.

and I think (for the most part) i have been successful...

So the next time someone approaches me in the grocery store or at the mall
and bombards me with such wisdom, i will smile and nod,
and pretend that i do indeed know just how
fast this ride really goes.


Kamika said...

Oh it does fly by by! I was just thinking that the other day looking at my baby Claire who will be four months on Saturday!

Jodi said...

Aww lovely post. I don't have children but my godson is about to turn 3 and i remember like yesterday when he was born. It flies by quickly indeed!