Monday, September 26, 2011


ten months

all of a sudden he's not so little anymore
and is looking more like a little boy than a little baby.

he likes to eat.  except anything i make him.
he will eat pieces of steak potatoes bread chicken cheese fruit veggies even meatloaf,
but apparently my attempts at making purees are crap.
i have never seen anyone like water so much, he chugs the stuff.
when he's crawling really really fast he sometimes gets hung up on his hands and faceplants. 
this would be funny if he didn't cry.
his little hands make the cutest slapping sound on the floor.
remote controls are still a favorite.  he immediately flips them over and takes the batteries out,
which he then proceeds to put in his mouth. 
he's cruising on the furniture, and taking more tumbles than ever as he explores.
i try (and will always) to catch him when he falls, but i sometimes miss.
i think this is harder on me than it is on him.
he is heavy and strong.  my muscles are bigger and my hair shorter.
he looks stellar in a jean jacket, rocks a ball cap, and has a killer smile.
not to mention he's freakin' hilarious.

we live we love we laugh all day.

* photo courtesy of my lovely and talented mom! *


Jodi said...

Love the toothy grin! :D


Nae said...


auntie su said...

this made me teary eyed. love this little boy so so much! the BEST smile in all the lands!

auntie su said...

ps: the little feet up in the air are way too cute!

Chandra said...

you are quite the baby makin' machine, my friend! he is gorgeous!!