Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Hannah Dog Gets Another New Knee

Meet the bionic-million dollar dog.

( excuse the dribble of what i can only assume to be dog slobber down the wall behind her.
had i noticed it before i may or may not have photoshopped it out of the picture.
also i wish i could say since noticing it in this photo i have cleaned it. alas, perfect i am not ; )

Right after the Little was born the Hannah Dog had a major operation to re-align her right knee.
she came home with a metal plate and something like 8 screws in her,
and a 50 - 50 chance her other leg might go too.
 of course, it did. 

So last week she had another major operation to re-align her left knee,
and came home with another metal plate and a bunch more screws, and a bit less hair.

she's soooo not sopposed to be up there, or up anywhere for that matter,
but it is impossible to stop her.  
i'm not sure it it's the drugs or if she just feels good.
The worst part?  The fact that she's had two epidurals, and i never even got to have one : }

Well, our wallets may be empty but the Hannah Dog lives on,
 to one day fetch again....

( Summer 2008 )


Anonymous said...

awww Heres hoping hes fetching again soon.

He is a cutie.

auntie su said...

aww hannah, beaver at heart.

Chandra said...

the things we do for the love of our dogs!...speedy recovery hannah!