Monday, October 11, 2010

Warming up the North Wing

Despite the fact that I have a beach ball attached to my midriff,
I still can't help but be cold sometimes. 
( remember - I still am the coolest preggo chick in town : )
Seeing as Baby Covey will undoubtably take after it's mother in all the worst ways,
and that the Hannah Dog has been known to stick her tail in radiators in a feeble attempt to stay warm,
Dr. Nails has made it his very own personal mission to keep his little family cosy and warm.

It's a big job.  And a big responsibility.
One he will be hearing about for the rest of his days if he doesn't get it right.
You men all know what I'm talking about, those words you all dread -
"Honey, I'm freezing, can you turn up the heat?" 

As you can see he IS doing his best. Smart man.

There's something wrong with this picture though:

Aren't all the legs of a ladder supposed to be on the ground?
Maybe that's just one of those urban myths you hear about all the time...

This is Dr. Nails trying to tell me it'll be okay:
This when I believe him:

As long as everyone's feet are on the ground and no one is trying to crawl into a radiator,
things are pretty much under control around here.

Sad when your standards are so low, isn't it?

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