Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So many choices, so little time


Progress means that the gyp rock is up and mudding is happening!
Progress means that there is much dust due to the sanding of said mud!
Progress means we are closer to moving on up!
These are all such good things, yes?

So I wonder, when did Progress become such a dirty word?
I think it was when Dr. Nails said that fateful word:


I believe it is a word that most women fear, and yes, I did just say fear.
It's an inherent thing, this fear, and it runs deep within my soul.

Carpet samples cause this fear to bubble up.

As do paint chips.
Particularly that hideous thing they call a color wheel.
Who invented that thing?!
They should rename it the wheel of terror.

And then there's fabric swatches.
Although I kind of like the fabric store, so full of patterns and textures,
so many different things to choose from.
Wait, did I just say I like that?
These hormones are getting out of control...

Have I mentioned how much I loathe that damn word?

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