Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tuning in Tuning out

They say once a baby is born it will respond to certain songs or sounds it heard in utero, 
such as the theme song to say, Desperate Housewives.
I guess it makes sense, seeing as those sounds remind it of when it was 
tucked in safe and warm in mama's belly.

Dr. Nails has been onto this theory for some time now, 
playing an interesting array of music for the baby including - but not limited to - 
Metallica, Steve Earl, and Rage Against the Machine.  

Now, while I may occasionally appreciate a rousing rendition of 'Guitar town' or 
'Tweeter and the Monkey Man',  I can't help but wonder what sort of long-lasting effects this 
kind of music may have on our unborn child.
Poor Baby.

So, in an attempt to salvage the poor things ears and perhaps it's taste in music as well,
I have finally decided to take matters into my own hands.

An experiment gone awry?
Perhaps, but I guess only time will tell, 
we'll see what this kid is like as a teenager and then point fingers.

In the near future though I think I may insist on music a little more age - appropriate, 
something more along the lines of Neil Young, or maybe Tom Petty.
We just might even have to re-learn the words to 'the wheels on the bus'.
Or is that a song you just make up as you go?
( I don't think the baby will care about the words anyways : )

Editor's Note:

For those of you upset about the positioning of the dresser drawer in the previous post,
my apologies, I was not really aware that there was a protocol to that sort of thing,
I just figured on the bottom the baby wouldn't have as far to fall....  

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