Wednesday, June 27, 2012


19 Months

How big you are getting! 
All of that baby fat that was so chunky and squishy is gone,
and you are long and lean, tall and wiry.

You are obsessed with cars and trucks, and can play by yourself for seemingly hours.
This is totally amazing to me, as it gives me time for me,
and all of the seemingly endless things that need to be done.
(like reading books, napping, and ahem, occasionally doing housework ; )

Outside is the place to be, and there are almost always tears when we come inside.
Daddy was amazing enough to fence in the backyard,
so now you have a safe place to play and i don't have to chase you all over the neighbourhood.
You love your water table and sandbox, and helping mommy in the garden.

Somedays you eat and somedays you don't.
Some nights you sleep and some nights you won't.
But you are almost always happy and ready with a smile.
And i just know you will be an amazing big brother.

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