Wednesday, June 6, 2012

16 Week Bump

I almost didn't do a photo this week, citing shyness and my discomfort with the narcissistic 
nature of posting photos of myself on this blog as reasons not to.
However, after writing a long-winded post on why i didn't want to do this each and every week, 
i finally reasoned with myself long enough and talked myself off of that ledge.

The whole reason i wanted to do this in the first place is for me, so i can print this out and have it to forever 
remind me of this amazing time in my life. I always wished i had done this with my first, 
and i don't want to have that regret again.

So here it is, vain though it may or may not be, camera shy or not.

PS. The baby is already the size of an avocado!


Renee said...

Im so glad your gunna keep going!! Im starting mine this week but im so embarrased by it!! It is a fantastic way to record a beautiful time though! Keep 'em up!!

aunt suze said...

no, you can't stop now! plus its fun for the rest of us. also, is jake wearing a cardigan?!!! too cute.

Libby said...

I regret that I have no lovely pregnant pictures of me with either of my girls ... you'll be so glad you have this ☺