Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toddler Proofing...

...the Creative Way...

The Little is into everything these days, and as i've said before, nothing is sacred.
This has created many challenges for us in keeping him (and our stuff) safe.
Being the creative types that we are however, we have come up with a few unique was to keep
the knives in the drawer, the garbage out of reach, prevent a tumble down the stairs, and keep the groceries frozen...

Spatula cupboard keeper-closer.
Drawer pulls reversed on the inside - useless to all, but safe!
Spoon key to unlock basement door.  Who chose these stupid latches again?!  Oh yeah, me : (
Wood shims to keep freezer closed.  Carpenter magic.

There are more too - like the piece of baseboard that now rests on my dresser, creating a wall that little fingers cannot reach over, and thus saving little eyes from hairspray accidents.
And there's even a few real child locks on things, but most of them are junk and have broken.
( How are they allowed to sell plug covers that are so easy to pull out, or cupboard latches that snap?! )

Hey, if nobody moves no one gets hurt.

1 comment:

MJ said...

I like the spatula lock. we've resorted to elastic bands and idea bag clips for our cupboards. cheap and easy!