Friday, May 18, 2012

On Mothering Boys

Recently I was approached by a lovely and uber talented friend of mine, Lyndsay Doyle
to share my thoughts on being a mom to a little boy.
She compiled our stories into the most amazing book:
"From Butts to Boogers - Surprising things Mothers have learned from their Sons"
I was more than happy to contribute to such a neat project!
Here's my take on little boys:

"I always wanted my first to be a boy.  If you asked me when I was pregnant what I hoped the baby would be of course you would have heard the standard answers:  "one that doesn't cry too much," "one that sleeps through the night," or "doesn't matter, just as long as it's healthy."  But deep down I fervently hoped for dirt and noise over pink and precious, because let's face it, girls totally scare me.  Being the mom of a boy seems far less complicated than that of a girl, with fewer dramas and a lot less pressure to find the perfect tutu.  

When I had Jake I was euphoric, as all new moms are, to be finally cradling my little bundle of joy.  I was also relieved.  Gone where the worries of leggings that don't co-ordinate with blouses, shoes that have to have just the right amount of glitter, and the terror of learning how to french braid.  And although sometimes pee winds up on the floor, with a boy it's easy.  It's ball caps and camo, trucks and lego and playing in the dirt.  Being a bit of a tomboy myself, these are all things I understand, and I'll happily ride BMX's with him till the streetlights come on.  I can teach him how to skate and throw a ball, and how to do his laundry and cook a meal.  When he grows up I won't have to worry (as much? maybe?) about catty teenage girls, or princess complexes that never go away.  And he'll probably never ask me to braid his hair.  

As he's getting bigger we are having more fun together, and I couldn't be happier hanging out with my little boy.  Sure there will be many bumps along our road, but I know I can help him over them, and there are so many things I can't wait to teach him.  And now that there is going to be another addition to our family in the fall, I feel secure in knowing that the new baby will have a big brother to take care of it, regardless if it's a girl or boy.  Because everyone needs a big brother to look out for them."

Please go check it out, it's full of wonderful stories of the lesser talked about bond of us Mom's and our boys!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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