Friday, May 25, 2012


18 Months!

Happy half birthday my little friend!

You are watching and listening and emulating everything we do, that (unopened, btw) 
beer in your cup holder will attest to this!  
You are silly and funny and utterly adorable, and sometimes when we are out i look at the people around us in disbelief, 
are they not seeing this insanely delightful little boy? Um, hello people!
There are many words now, and when you say them in your high pitched baby voice my heart puddles in my shoes a little.
You are demanding and needy and independent all at the same time.
You love milk, chasing the Hannah dog and getting dirty.
Outdoors is your favorite place to be, and there are often tears when i eventually drag you inside,
but once in you are happy to play with your trucks or snuggle with your whinney the pooh.

I am having moments, when i realize that the days of just you and me are numbered, and it kinda makes me sad.
We have been virtually inseparable since the day you were born, and i treasure each and every minute we spend together.

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