Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Seventeen Months!

I always remark upon how big you are getting, but it's simply true.
You are moving too fast, and growing up when i want you to stay little forever.
I feel like i put a baby to bed and woke up to a little boy.

You are strong and sweet, two traits i hope you will retain throughout you life.
Your vocabulary of animal sounds is becoming impressive, though you won't perform for anyone.
All you want is milk.  I think you are a milkatarian.  You stand at the fridge and cry until we pour you a cup.
This is okay, except that your belly is so full from it that you don't seem to eat much.
There are now ten teeth in your sweet little mouth, maybe more, but i am not allowed to see.
Somehow you figured out that mommy REALLY likes it when you hug her.
You curl your little head into my shoulder and wrap your arms around my neck and i melt. every. time.
Then you lean back and coyly look down. Like you know exactly what you are doing to me.
You like being outside and helping daddy with the wheelbarrow,
and helping mommy empty the dishwasher too.
Like I said, strong and sweet.

You are dirt and noise.  Light and joy.
And oh-so much fun!

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