Friday, April 6, 2012


One of the things i look forward too the most is when the Little is big enough to do crafts with me.
Now, you all know i want him to stay little forever, but this is one case where i wish he would get a move on.
Knowing my luck, when he is big enough he will most likely rather play in the dirt than play with glitter,
but at this stage i can still hold on to hope....

So this is why i decided that we should try to dye some easter eggs today.
My first instinct was to put him in the tub and let him go to it.  This is precisely what i should have done.
It is not, however, what i actually did.
What went down was more along the lines of him trying to grab the egg out of the dye, stick it in his mouth,
and then attempt to throw it on the floor. (he was only successful once.) 

I learned three things today:

1.  Trust your instincts. He would have had way more fun in the tub, and it would have been super
funny to have a multi-colored toddler for a few days.
2.  Always look online before you begin a project, chances are someone else has a better idea.
3.  I am terrible at dying easter eggs.  Just don't look too closely, mmmkay?

Happy Easter!


Renee said...

It looks like he had fun!!! Love the expressions!! (And your website looks Awesome!! Well done!!)

Grandma said...

more about the chocolate .Right
Jake ?